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The Power of Local

Housing issues and homelessness have reached crisis-levels. These issues impact millions, and while urgent action is required at many levels, we believe local people and ideas can be the most powerful sources of change.

Community-Led Housing projects can provide affordable, accessible solutions that support the holistic needs of the people they impact most.

Community-Led Housing

Community-Led Housing (CLH) describes a range of locally-driven initiatives – like cohousing, cooperative housing, community land trusts, and small, place-based nonprofits – which have proven to work at all scales, across cities and towns of any size.

Traditional development is almost entirely profit-based and a small few control decisions about where and how we live. With CLH, power shifts to local people on the ground, who have ideas on how housing can be done differently and are prepared to take action. 

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about reclaim

Making Community-Led Housing projects a reality is complex and overwhelming, and a lack of resources, knowledge, and capacity are significant barriers at any stage of development. Reclaim Community Collaborative Design Organization (CDO) was created to help fill the gaps CLH projects face and build up expertise across the sector.

As the next experts in housing innovation and social enterprise, Reclaim’s vision is to create a Community-Led Housing Ecosystem Support Network, where local groups can share first-hand knowledge and resources, collaborate, and forge partnerships. This approach will allow CLH groups to reduce their development costs and learn from one another, ultimately ensuring affordability, accessibility, and greater success for all projects in the ecosystem.

our solutions

Knowledge-Sharing Platform

A space for CLH groups to collaborate, share solutions, access educational content, and build partnerships.

Community-Led Housing Toolkit

A comprehensive toolkit comprised of firsthand project work – like documents, drawings, contracts – available to all CLH groups.

Direct Support Services

Reclaim provides expert 1:1 guidance at the project level.


Reclaim provides support to organizations working towards Community-Led Housing solutions.

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